Corporate Law ______

Over the past decade, our business law attorneys have built a reputation for excellence in business transactions. We effectively resolve a wide range of business disputes, including shareholder/partnership disputes, disputes over real estate and, of course, contract disputes. Whether you need help launching a business start up, assistance franchising your successful business concept or resolving any type of business dispute, you can count on us for effective legal representation and personal service.

Our firm understands business. Clients do not have to spend time explaining business concepts or practices to us. In order to obtain a successful business, an attorney is not only needed to provide legal services; an attorney is needed for advisement to help you better understand the overall business world. We answer all of our client’s business law questions, and without hesitations eliminate any doubts our clients might encounter. Our advanced knowledge of business and business law will help you grow and develop and allow us to help you achieve your desired corporate goals.

Our attorneys know how to complete deals quickly and efficiently.

Corporate litigation involves providing strictly dedicated legal representation in lawsuits for business enterprises. Litigation requires skillful strategic thinking and preparation. We understand the tremendous amounts of frustration and pressure that come from business disputes. Our attorneys have the full skill and knowledge that are required in and out of the courtroom in order to win a corporate litigation case. Based on our past cases, our techniques are known for achieving the highest chances of success. For our clients, we aim to provide the best outcomes by combining legal and business strategies as well as looking out for our client’s best interests.

Corporate Services:

  • Formation & Representation with Regards to Corporations
  • Limited Liability Companies & Partnerships
  • Representation for Buying or Selling a Business
  • Stock & Asset Sales/Acquisitions, and Mergers
  • Preparation & Negotiation of Commercial Contracts
  • Unfair Business Practices
  • Shareholder Agreements
  • Operating Agreements
  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Contract Disputes