Criminal Defense ______

For almost two decades, our firm has successfully represented individuals and businesses that have found themselves in the cross hairs of the government.

We are experienced New York, New Jersey and Florida federal and state criminal defense lawyers with various resources and knowledge that are required to stand up to the government.

We can help with:

  • Federal & State Investigations
  • Charges
  • Indictments & Crimes
  • Complex Crimes
  • Organized Crimes
  • Rico Allegations
  • Narcotic Prosecutions
  • Minor Local & State Criminal Offenses

As those who have been through it can tell you, being the focus of a federal or state criminal investigation, or facing federal or state criminal charges, is a terrifying experience.

Due to the unlimited resources of the government, the enhanced training and experience of investigators and prosecutors, the complexity of proceedings and the large number of individuals typically targeting for prosecution in the same case, criminal court is no place for the inexperienced practitioner. By preparing creative and convincing legal arguments prior to trial, we have been successful in having charges dismissed against our clients, and in winning pretrial suppression hearings resulting in evidence being precluded from introduction at trial.