Art Law

Art Law ______

Art law encompasses all of the legal matters that may be involved in the purchase, ownership and sale of fine art of all types. We advise and assist clients, primarily private collectors but also dealers and artists, on a wide variety of matters and issues.

Such matters include:

  • Negotiating the Purchase & Sale of Works of Art
  • Serving as an Escrow Agent for Sale Proceeds
  • Drafting & Reviewing Contracts, Bills of Sale, and Other Legal Documents
  • Interpreting & Evaluating the Terms of Auction House Contracts and Dealer contracts and Warranties
  • Negotiating & Litigating Disputes over Breaches of Warranties, Title, Authenticity, and Provenance

Seeking a lawyer’s advice can facilitate the exchange of information, improve the potential for closing deals, and minimize the risks associated with buying and selling fine art. A lawyer with experience in art transactions will be sensitive to facts indicating that a party claiming to own a work or wishing to buy a piece may actually be a broker for a third party.

A lawyer can also advise a client concerning the risks that a work may not be authentic or may be stolen or looted and at risk of being claimed by a third party or foreign country.

We have handled the sale of important works of art in all price ranges both locally and nationally.